Paradoxical Frog

Hell’s teeth that’s a big baby! Meet the rather counter-intuitive paradoxical frog. This croaker’s wee ones are in fact not very wee at all. In fact they are bally massive! Three times larger than the adult!

The paradoxical frog lives in Trinidad, but not on the neighbouring island of Tobago… that would be far too logical. Instead they are found burbling their nonsense on mainland South America. They live in ponds, and spend most of their time in the water, probably because frogs are meant to spend some time out of the water. The frogs have a croak that sounds like a pig’s oink, he really is a paradoxical chap you see.

'whatever the next frog says is false'

Of course there are paradoxes everywhere on our wonderful big wet rock – things that apparently contradict each other. A good example of a paradox is the ‘Ship of Theseus’. Take a ship and replace bits and bobs of it through general wear and tear and it is the same ship. Therefore you could methodically replace all the bits and have an entirely new same ship. Then you could build the same ship again out of all the bits that are left over, so you can have two ships that are the same. What’s more this paradox is theoretically possible for a same you. Every single molecule in your body is said to be replaced a number of times throughout your life, so it should be feasible, though of course rather testing, to have two you’s. Which would no doubt be labour saving, even if the conversation would be rather abominable.

Other paradoxes just defy intuition but are perfectly true; like the birthday paradox – if you get together twenty three random people who’ve never even met, you will not just have a socially awkward soiree, there is a fifty percent chance that they two of them will share the same birthday – when it would seem more logical that it would need to be a much bigger gathering.

'whatever the previous frog said is true'

This is beginning to make one’s head hurt, and it really is time for an aperitif so let’s get back to our odd amphibian chum. Naturally the delectable paradoxical frog has been nudged into the Proceedings of the Ever so Strange because of their honking great babies… about twenty five centimetres long, quite a handful for a seven centimetre long nanny… we won’t even begin to go into how dreadful it is at nappy changing time. Perhaps what is most remarkable about this oddity is that no one has been able to work out why this wee one is such a whopper. They are rather difficult to study what with them steadfastly refusing to get out of the drink, and of course they are far too busy confusing everyone to be easy to raise in captivity. Still it might be for the best, it’s bound to be bamboozling whatever it is they are up to.

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  1. do they wag their bums too? :p

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