Silky Anteater


Wakey wakey little snoozy chops, it’s time to bimble through the trees being as sweet as can be. Meet the silky anteater, though don’t bother him just yet, he’s dreadfully grumpy until he’s had a big bowl of flightless social insects…


As we found out in a previous installation of The Proceedings, anteaters are not all related, they are simply using the same tactic to get at a bit of brunch and so look a bit like each other. The silky anteater hails from South America and is most likely to spend Christmas with the tamandua and the giant anteater, if he isn’t too busy having a nap. His relatives aren’t the only thing he has a passing resemblance to either; the silky bundle of fur that sits in the treetops all day… looks rather like a silky bundle of fur that sits in the treetops all day. Not by accident either, our sleepy little friend looks just like silk cotton tree seed-pods, which is rather handy as harpy eagles and other beaky buggers rarely chomp on seed-pods, they prefer their furry things to be full of meat… allowing our somnolent chum to catch a few more z’s.


He’s not the only one who rather enjoys these little slivers of death either, we at The Proceedings try and do it most nights. Indeed it’s probably safe to say that all higher animals sleep. Of course sleep must be dreadfully important if everything with half a brain does it, but remarkably no one knows why the blazes we need it so. We spend half of our lives comatose, and we haven’t got the foggiest why. It might be an evolutionary mechanism, and like the silky anteater it helped a distant relative of ours avoid predators. Having a nap is often thought of as restorative, but the body repairs cells twenty-four hours a day. It might be that to sleep is simply to dream, though no one knows why we do that. It could be that dreaming is a way of reorganizing the brain, so we can wake up every morning to a fresh noggin. Other thoughts on dreams include that it may be a problem-solving device, a different way of thinking and when we come across the conundrum again we suddenly remember an idea we had, one we dreamt up.


All this doesn’t matter one bit to the silky anteater, he’s just happy snoozing his days away in the treetops… and if you were to ask him what he thought all this bedtime hoopla meant, he’d probably just say he’d have to sleep on it.

Sweet dreams!

Sir P-S x

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  1. Awww… Amazing how cute someone with such big fingernails can be, and thanks to the fond account one feels like climbing a tree and cuddle up right next to him… thinking of it… I shall skip the climbing and attend to my usual bed for a nap… It’s all your fault!

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