Blanket Octopus

Say how-do-you-do to a rather discourteous filly; the female blanket octopus.

She’s quite a woman too, as big as a female blanket octopus sized person, whereas the male is merely the dimensions of a walnut. Indeed the little chubby-chasing male was only found alive for the first time a couple of years ago.


Aaaaah yes the shape-shifting thingy. Yes ‘pon being greeted by any untoward types she unfurls net like membranes; greatly increasing her size, which no doubt really gets Mr Blanket Octopus Esq. going.


Of course that’s the least of your problems should you happen across her at any number of social events. If the cape unfurling isn’t enough to give you the heeby jeebies, then her second tactic certainly is. She will quickly head to another partygoer, a Portuguese man o’ war to be precise, and tear them limb from limb. A move often looked down upon by other guests. Especially when she begins flailing the quite deadly limbs around… quite uncalled for one is sure you’ll agree.

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  1. You’re making animals up again! But the video is so realistics…

  2. Lovely! But isn’t it the male of the species which uses the Man O’ War tentacles as whips?

    • Both male and female old boy, though I imagine the big old missus causes a bit more of a rukus!

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